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Mountain Grout Strong

In manholes, water infiltration can come through any void, including failing joints, cracks and throughpipe penetrations. If the leaks are left untreated, ground water can increase operating costs and create exterior voids around the manhole. Grouting with Mountain Grout Polyurethane Resin is a permanent repair for manholes and, if installed correctly, can often outlast the life of the structure. Installers can inject Mountain Grout to seal the precast rings in manholes. If leaks are occurring around pipe penetrations, installers can use the oakum soak ‘em method, soaking dry oakum in polyurethane resin and stuffing it in the wet void to cure and seal the area.

Mountain Grout Chemical Resins can be injected from the negative side through a precast or brick manhole into the surrounding soilson the negative side, to seal leaks, fill voids, and stabilize soil around the manhole.

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