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America’s Trusted Brand For Over 30 Years

No project is too large or too small, we are the professional installer preferred choice for reliable liquid polyurethane products, equipment, consultations, and saftey.  Our products have been used in thousands of successful project and counting, from a few leaks in a concrete basement to one of the largest dam projects in the United States.  Below are some of the larger projects that Mountain Grout products have been used on over the years, from the Upper Stillwater Dam, to Hanger AF at NASA, to leaks in Eagle Mountain Dam and Levee, and finally the leaks beneath the White House Press Room.  If contractors and engineers on these types of projects trust Green Mountain Grout to get the job done, shouldn’t you?

Our Featured Projects

Stillwater Dam

GMI Chemists developed a hydrophobic resin with hydrophilic properties, called MG Ultra, to fit the unique job needs.

White House Press Room

Can’t have our politicians and press secretaries standing in water while addressing the nation, can we?

NASA Seawall

In Hangar AF, the dock’s footers were given greater load bearing capacity with MG Soil Stabilizer, ameliorating the situation.

Eagle Dam & Levee

The largest volume of HL-100 ever installed was in TX, at the Eagle Mountain Dam & Levee, sealing a seeping seam in an earthen dam.


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