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Below are a few of our highest profile, successful projects; from megalithic sized dams to the White House we are the most trusted brand.

America’s Trusted Brand For Over 30 Years

No project is too large or too small, we are the professional installer preferred choice for reliable liquid polyurethane products, equipment, consultations, and saftey.  Our products have been used in thousands of successful project and counting, from a few leaks in a concrete basement to one of the largest dam projects in the United States.  Below are some of the larger projects that Mountain Grout products have been used on over the years, from the Stillwater dam, to the seawall which projects NASA, to leaks in the White House.  If contractors and engineers on these types of projects trust Green Mountain Grout to get the job done, shouldn’t you?

Our Featured Projects

Stillwater Dam

The largest project that our products have been used on was in Utah, at the Stillwater dam, we’re proud of the results that we helped produce.

White House Press Room

Can’t have our politicians and press secretaries standing in water while addressing the nation, can we?

NASA Seawall

Dangerous ocean waters had threatened the Kennedy Space Center, that is until contractors and GMI fixed the problem, saving the day.

Eagle Dam & Levee

Dangerous ocean waters had threatened the Kennedy Space Center, that is until contractors and GMI fixed the problem, saving the day.

Grout Injection Process

Every project is different, which is why we like to to talk to our trained professionals, but we offer all of our customers:

  • The Highest Standards
  • Fast Shipping
  • Competitive Rates
  • Perfect Performance

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Every Project Is Unique

Oh how I would like to be like Superman. Putting aside the fact that he can fly and stop trains with his bare hands, he can see through things. If I could see through the concrete I might have a better chance of estimating how much is needed to fill the crack. Every application is different. The concrete depth varies as does the length of the crack as does the ambient temperature and substrate temperature. If actively leaking, what is the water temperature? How much does the installer waste?

Hopefully none but it happens. There are rules of thumb based on experience and “regular” circumstances like 50 feet per gallon, but that figure can swing widely. Experienced installers are way more productive than newbies. Let’s say you pour a quart of Mountain Grout Flexible into a five gallon bucket. Mix in one ounce of Mountain Grout Accelerator (stir it well), then pour in one ounce of water, mix it well and wait a few minutes. Observe the resin start to move a bit, then turn cream color, the begin “growing”. We call this a free rise expansion. A quart will yield a volume of approximately 25 quarts or close to a cubic foot of foam. When used to fill voids a “free rise” yield can be fairly accurate but keep in mind, when the expanding foam is confined, it cannot fully expand so the yield goes down.


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