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NASA Project

Dangerous ocean water and rising sea levels are no longer an imminent issue for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center.

Rehabilitation of Hanger AF at Kennedy Space Center

A Unique Featured Project

This project at Kennedy Space Center is of interest in many ways.  Space exploration, the vehicles, engineering and logistics is intriguing.

During the Shuttle/Orbiter program Hanger AF played a role most people are unaware of.  The booster rockets on each side of the orbiter were recovered at sea after each launch, brought back to the launch area and shipped to be refurbished for the next launch.  They were “recycled”.

NASA ships towed the spent boosters back to Hanger AF.

GMI’s Mountain Grout Polyurethane products were specified as a major component of making sure Hanger AF was prepared to receive the boosters.

Hangar AF at the Kennedy Space Center was the site of another successful application using a combination of polyurethane products supplied by Green Mountain, LLC.

Manchette Pipes Water Jetted Into Place

The dock at Hanger AF was not designed to manage the weight of the boosters along with the machinery required to accomplish the removal and placement of the boosters for transportation so the platform was basically rebuilt.  The cover slab and soil was removed to expose the walls down to the footings.  Tube a Manchette pipes were water jetted into place and MG Soil Stabilizer was pumped to provide a solid, firm and strong mass to support the footing.  Once in place the area was backfilled and capped with a steel reinforced slab designed to deal with the weight.

Another very successful application of MG Polyurethane Products.

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