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Find recommended tools and equipment on this page, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Packers and Injectors

1/2″ & 5/8″ Mechanical Packers

Expanding rubber bladder that grips bore hole; for high pressure injections. 

3/8″ Tap-ln Packer

Plastic packer with tapered neck. 2″ in length. Threaded for zerk fitting. The economical choice.

Needle Injector

Allows installers to inject behind a soft barrier without drilling. Stainless steel quarter inch tubing. 

Epoxy Injection Ports

Ports are adhered to the surface Of a crack for epoxy injection. One box contains 100 ports

Cartrige Products

P.L.U.G.S. QuickDraw

is our fast set formulation (20 second expansion time) used to stop isolated leaks with high pressure and volume. The twin (1:1) cartridge (600 ML) contains our I.S.P. (Instant Set Polymer). See the TDS for I.S.P. for performance related data. 6 per case with 1 Turbo Mixer per unit.


is similar to QuickDraw, Only slower to react. Use Plugs to stop leaks and fill voids. See our Technical Data Sheet for “VF” (Void Filler) for performance data. Plugs reacts in 2 minutes and one 600 ml cartridge produces three quarters 75) cubic feet of medium density foam.

MGP 168

is our polyurea joint material. Designed for floor joints, this material allows for the return of traffic in 30 minutes. Stocked in medium gray, it is available for custom orders in a variety of colors. See our Technical Data Sheet for MGP168 in the coatings section Of this catalog.


is a single component, flexible formulation available in single cartridges and dual 600 ml cartridges. The system is great for small leaks or floor to wall separations. MG295 provides excellent elastomeric qualities and superb bonding characteristics.


Grease Gun

Used for small crack repairs that require minimal amounts of product.

Cartridge Gun

Application guns for single & dual cartridge products. Ratio change disks.

High Pressure Injection Gun

High pressure 45° ball valve, quicker, cleaner application. Valve – 7000psi.


Bucket Pump

Pumps are easily attached to a standard 5 gallon bucket for use with single-component products. These manual, lever operated pumps are capable of 3500 psi.

Manual Dispense Valve

Low pressure meter mix applications of two component products. Single lever controls two ball valves, low flow manifold. Two 1/2″ threaded female inputs. Static mixer. Pressure – 600 psi.

Dispense Valve Retaining Nuts

An aluminum retaining nut is used to hold a static mixer to the dispense valve manifold. The retaining nuts come in different sizes to fit various static mixer widths with a 5/8″ bell.

Grease Gun

Used for grouting in tight places without access to electricity . This gun comes with a high pressure, flexible hose and a coupler (with ball check) attached. Capacity of 1 liter. Pressure rating of up to 3000 psi depending on the viscosity of the material being pumped.

Airless sprayer pump

Used to inject single-component products, these electric pumps are compact and lightweight. Capable of 3300psi, and .54 GPM, suited for jobs requiring injection grouting. Comes complete with a 50ft hose and a pressure rated injection gun.



A fibrous material used for packing larger cracks, voids, and around pipe joints. Soak dry oakum in polyurethane, place it in the problem spot, holds the polyurethane in place. 50 1b. box.

Static Mixer

A nozzle, with mixing element, that attaches to cartridges; used to mix two component products, such as Mountain Grout P.L.U.G.S. and Mountain Grout QuickDraw.


Hydraulic couplers attach to the injection gun, and allow for a proper fit to the packers being used. Available for packers with a grease fitting, or button head.


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