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Soil Stabilization

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Poor soil conditions present challenges for geotechnical engineers and property owners.  For example, the structure is settling, causing cracks in the foundation, below grade walls, floors and even above grade walls.  Soil testing indicates there are layers or zones of soil that will not support the weight of the building, so it’s sinking.  There may be water migration problems, as well.

Green Mountain International offers a range of solutions worthy of consideration.

Polyurethane: If high strength is needed, our Mountain Grout Soil Stabilizer or HL100 polyurethane grout will penetrate the soil filling voids between particles and forming a mass within the soil that can provide compressive strength in excess of 1,000 psi.  Mountain Grout Technical Representatives can recommend a polyurethane resin based on the specific soil conditions on site.

Mountain Grout Acrylate

Acrylate: Mountain Grout Acrylate is another option that is used often for water control within the soils or for applications requiring less strength.  Mountain Grout Acrylate is a three part system when pumped one to one with water has a viscosity of 10 cps, so it can be used in very compact soils.  The compressive strength is much lower than the polyurethane resin option, but for water migration problems and very loose soils the Mountain Grout Acrylate provides a great solution.

Sodium Silicate: Sodium Silicate is another product used to stabilize soils.  Green Mountain International offers the base silicate and a number of different catalysts commonly used by experienced technicians.

After the load bearing properties of the soil are restored, Green Mountain International offers polyurethane grout systems and epoxy products to address the restoration issues caused by the settlement.

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