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Sink Holes

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Sinkholes most often occur in limestone. As the limestone dissolves over time, pores and cracks are enlarged by water flow and allow even more acidic water to pass through. Sinkholes eventually occur when the soils above the voids collapse or sinks into the cavities or when surface material is carried downward into the voids.

The sinkhole will continue to grow and worsen over time if not address, causing serious property damage and serious safety risks. Mountain Grout VF(Void Filler) is a two-component polyurethane grout system that contains no volatile, ozone depleting or hazardous blowing agents. The system can be processed through low or high pressure dispensing equipment. When properly mixed at a ratio of one to one, the system will expand to approximately 25 times its initial volume to create a rigid, closed cell foam with high physical properties, resistance to water and chemical attack and long term durability. The system is used to fill cavities, provide structural support or stop water flows. Unlike cementitious grouts, the expansive properties of polyurethane allow installers to use significantly less material to fill the void and address their problem. If installers can determine the volume to be filled, Mountain Grout Technical Representatives can help determine the amount of grout necessary to fill the void and stop the sinkhole from continuing to grow and erode.

Call Mountain Grout today to have a Technical Representative talk you through the material selection, equipment choice, and best practices for grout injection.

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