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Epoxy Repair

Mountain Grout Strong

Polyurethane is an excellent solution to sealing cracks in concrete and stopping water penetration, but it is important to note that polyurethane foam is not a structural repair. When structural repairs are required for cracked, spalled, or otherwise damaged concrete, Mountain Grout offers a full line of epoxy products to address a variety of issues. Mountain Grout has a wide range of epoxy systems including injection resins, crack pastes (aka “cap seals” or “butter”), bonding agents, high and low-mod binders, gels, as well as anchoring epoxies.  Many of the resins can be formulated to various viscosities, ranging from 150 cps to a thixotropic gel to fit the needs presented by specific site conditions.

Depending on the specific product, they are available for purchase in cartridges, gallon kits, pail kits, and drum kits. The resins contain no VOCs or solvents, contain 100% solids, and exhibit tenacious adhesion to concrete. Common applications for Mountain Grout Epoxies are basement foundations and walls, industrial warehouse and residential floors, concrete decks, and concrete patios and sidewalks.

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