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Concrete Repair

Our products have many different uses for engineers and contractors, epoxy resins are generally used in concrete repair.

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Epoxy Resins & Polyurea Resins

Polyurethane is an excellent solution for leaking cracks and eroding soils, but when failing, cracked concrete needs a structural repair, epoxy resins and polyurea resins are more appropriate.

Mountain Grout has a wide range of epoxy systems including injection resins and pastes, bonding agents, high and lowmod binders and gels as well as anchoring epoxies. Epoxy is injected through ports into cracks and epoxy paste covers the crack and ports to keep the liquid resin from dripping out of the crack prior to curing. Once cured, the epoxy tenaciously bonds the concrete together on either side of the crack. Shear strength of more than 1500 psi, Compressive Strength of over 14,000, and Tensile Strength of over 8000 are common in the Mountain Grout Epoxy product line.

Products are offered in varying viscosities to accommodate your specific site conditions and most products may be purchased in volumes ranging from cartridges to pails to drums. Mountain Grout also offers a polyurea resin ideal for filling joints. Mountain Grout MGP 168 is a twocomponent hybrid polyurea, elastomeric joint filler. The system is used to fill and protect joints in industrial concrete floors subjected to heavy hardwheeled vehicles.

It is ideal for spalled joint repair, random joint filling, patching, etc. Unique properties of this elastomer are its rapid cure and insensitivity to moisture.

Green Mountain International has been a member of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) for over 25 years and is active in both the local chapter and international level.

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