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Mountain Grout Strong

Green Mountain International has provided materials for some of the industry’s most prestigious projects. Our Mountain Grout Flexible, SLV and HL100 are commonly used to stop water intrusion through cracks and failed joints. The problems may be in new construction or in tunnels built before 1850.

Green Mountain’s Mountain Grout Soil Stabilizer is moisture cured polyurethane that is used when super low viscosity, 40 centipoise, is needed to penetrate soil particles and provide high compressive strength, 750+psi.

Polyurethane systems are sensitive to moisture so the available moisture in the ground causes the chemical grout to cure. Mountain Grout Accelerator may be added to the base resin to cause the resin to react faster than normal if there is water migrating through the soils. When water control is not the issue, but super poor soils are present our Mountain Grout Acrylate is recommended.

This material is a 4 part system when pumped 1:1 has viscosity of 4 to 10 centipoise. Water is one cps, motor oil is 600 cps and ketchup is 50,000 cps so at 5 cps, if water will pass through the soils, so will the chemical grout.

Acrylate grouts have replaced acrylamide grouts which have been banned inEurope and other parts of the world. Acrylic grouts are much safer than old technology, easier to use and cleanup is with water. The reaction profile of the system is determined by the promoter mixed in the A side of the two component system. Mountain Grout Acrylate may be pumped at different ratios from 2:1 or 3:1 base with water to form a gel that does not have high strength, but does perform in leak sealing, curtain grouting, even crack injection.

Both polyurethane and acrylic grouts are members of the “chemical grout” family and particularly in tunneling operations are used for both water control and stabilization in from of the advancing TBM.

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