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Mountain Grout products are used for two primary concerns during excavations. First, there is often the need for simple soil stabilization to stop soils and rocks from sloughing off the sides of the excavation and to stop the loss of soil support from adjacent structures. Second, many excavations encounter water problems that impede the placement of footers or other site preparation.

When water is leaking into the excavation, the source must be identified and grout can be injected into surrounding soil to stop or slow the inflow. Mountain Grout Soil Stabilizer or Mountain Grout Acrylate can be injected into the soil as the excavation proceeds to retain the support soil beneath existing structures. This is important, because the stability of existing structures can be undermined if groundwater and soils migrate away, causing the building to sink and, in some cases, lean. Installers can drive injection pipes at an angle to place the grout beneath the structure.This technique is particularly well suited for sandy soils.

If the grout has been properly injected and allowed to fully cure, groundwater and soils in adjacent areas should stay in place, thus protecting the surrounding area from being undermined and allowing safe and efficient excavation to resume on the jobsite.


  • Mountain Grout Soil Stabilizer 
  • Mountain Grout HL-100
  • Mountain Grout Acrylate


  • Mountain Grout Resin of choice
  • Mountain Grout Pump Flush
  • Injection Pump
  • Injection Pipes
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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