Mountain Grout: John F. Kennedy Space Center Project

         Mountain Grout Flexible and Mountain Grout Soil Stabilizer were the materials chosen for two projects in the state of Florida. (The photographs featured here are from the project at the Kennedy Space Center.) The C-51 canal restoration was performed for South Florida Water Management, supervised by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Tidal action along with failed joints was causing the loss of soils, creating sink holes. The application involved injecting Mountain Grout Flexible into the ground at each joint along the seawall to seal the joint. Approximately one mile of seawall was repaired.

Mountain Grout: NASA Project

Hangar AF at the Kennedy Space Center was the site of another successful application using a combination of polyurethane products supplied by Green Mountain, LLC. Mountain Grout Flexible was used in the seawall joints and Mountain Grout Soil Stabilizer was used behind the wall to form a curtain (barrier) of solidified soil. Mountain Grout Soil Stabilizer when injected into loose soils, creates a dense mass. Very high compressive strengths may be achieved, resulting in grout curtain impervious to water. These repair procedures are viable alternatives to replacing seawalls or excavating behind
them. Mountain Grout works equally well in salt or fresh water. Materials may be applied underwater by divers. Mountain Grout products are environmentally safe.

Green Mountain: NASA Project 2

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